Community Features

    Designed as a pocket community, the neighborhood includes fifteen single family homes on just over two acres. The homes face inward toward open communal green space, with separate ample parking area. The community includes two open air pavilions for gathering outside and a large bike shed and recycling center. Our goal with The Cottages at Fall Creek Crossing is to promote a strong sense of community, positive neighborhood relationships, easy to care for private yards, affordable comfortable homes and shared maintenance services. We invite you to explore what the community, and homes have to offer.

    Public Transportation: A new bus stop is proposed to be located on Dryden Road directly in front of the Cottages at Fall Creek Crossing providing regular TCAT bus service to Cornell Campus and downtown Ithaca via Route 40, Route 43, and Route 53 during the weekdays, and Route 75 during the weekends.

    Homeowners Association (HOA): Each lot will be personally owned and tended to by the corresponding homeowner. The communal space, however, will be cooperatively owned by an HOA. Each new member of the community must join and agree to the terms of HOA. Each homeowner contributes $115/month to maintain operation of the HOA. The HOA will be responsible for upkeep of the following:

    • Trash & recycling pickup (recycling receptacles and dumpster will be provided and kept up by the HOA)
    • Snow removal from parking area and sidewalks
    • Communal lawn maintenance, mowing, and landscaping
    • General Maintenance and upkeep of the paved parking areas and sidewalks.

    Click the LINK to view the terms of the HOA.

    Home Design Features

    Tiny Timber takes great pride in their reputation for creating inviting, energy efficient homes. For each client they have served, their focus has been on providing sustainable, cost-effective solutions that result in comfortable, thoroughly modern, yet rustic homes. Homes that are easy to care for, utilize very little energy and provide inviting, naturally lit spaces throughout. Homes that source lumber, stone and cabinetry from local and regional forests, quarries and crafts people. Homes that celebrate the inherent beauty in natural materials while providing luxurious features, finishes and fixtures. Look through these examples of highlighted materials, systems and options and we're confident you'll be impressed by the value, and the features.


    Exterior Finish

    Exterior posts, beams, and siding made from rough-cut local hemlock creating a natural wood façade.

    Interior Finish

    Exposed rough-cut hemlock interior posts and ceilings create a rustic natural look. The second floor features vaulted ceilings.

    Interior Flooring

    Sustainable and durable bamboo used for 2nd floor interior flooring. A polished concrete slab is used for the 1st floor.


    Interior Lighting

    Embedded LED lights in the ceiling beams on first floor and interior soffits on second floor provide modern interior lighting.


    Stair treads and railings constructed by Tiny Timber from trees harvested on construction sites.

    Heating & Cooling

    Mitsubishi electric mini-split air heat pump provides efficient heating and cooling



    Kitchen cabinets made by local cabinet maker Ben Boynton of the Red Barn Cabinet Shop with a finish choice of cherry, white oak, red oak, or maple.

    Countertops & Tiling

    Countertops are made from polished bluestone. Rough bluestone is used for 2nd floor bathroom tiling and kitchen flooring around sink area.

    Radiant Floor

    Hydronic in-floor radiant heating installed in first floor concrete slab for supplemental heating.



    Locally sourced black locust  hardwood decking used for front porch.


    Full bathrooms equipped with either a cast iron clawfoot tub or shower stall with bluestone slab backing. Vanity cabinets made to match kitchen cabinets. IKEA sinks and faucets.


    Roofs constructed using duel layered asphalt shingles with a lifetime limited warranty.

    Options catalog pic.png

    Appliances & Detail Finishes

    Home-buyers have a choice of Whirlpool, Frigidaire, or GE for their standard appliance package. An options catalog is provided for home-buyers to choose their detail finishes such as flooring finish, exterior door style, knob style, cabinet pulls, vanity lighting, exterior lighting, cabinet wood, sinks, faucets, bathroom hardware, etc.


    Examples of Interior Aesthetic